Al Near

President & CEO

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Al brings a broad understanding of lighting solutions and technology to the North Texas marketplace, obtained by serving over two decades in executive-level sales, product development, and marketing leadership roles with various manufacturers, including two of the industry’s largest lighting companies and a Global 500 consumer electronics company. Over the years, he has written editorials for LD + A, LEDs Magazine, and several other industry publications.

Al is a passionate advocate for the use of solid-state lighting technology and controls to achieve substantial energy savings without sacrificing the quality of light within the architectural environment. Al’s experience developing lighting products from concept to reality gives him a solid understanding of the design process and enables him to provide unique insights into how lighting products can be applied for optimal effect.

Al is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), where he obtained a B.S. in Industrial Management.

Mike Virag

Executive Vice President & COO

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Mike Virag is a cutting edge, progressive and imaginative lighting industry executive joining us as Vice President & General Manager of Operations.

After graduating from Penn State, Mike began his career in various sales and marketing roles establishing a keen knowledge of the needs of the customer. From selling lights out of a van to leading an international team of sales managers and factory agents, he has developed a solid, customer focused foundation.

Mike is credited with launching some of the industry’s first LED products with Acuity Brands Lighting. This experience ignited a passion around technology’s impact on our industry. Feeding that passion, Mike focused on lighting technology start-ups including his own design firm, Redwood Systems, Lighting Science and most recently, Soraa.